Dunlop 5 Hundred (500) Aerogel Tennis Racket – Grip Size 3

Dunlop 5 Hundred (500) Aerogel Tennis Racket - Grip Size 3

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This is a Dunlop Aerogel 5Hundred (500) which has been a reliable servant for me in many league tennis matches.  I have another identical one for sale and they have been alternated in use on a regular basis.  The racket has performed flawlessly and I always found that it gave me much better control over my shot direction than any other racket I tried. That is why I bought 3, so I always had back-ups if a string snapped mid match.  I have given one to my brother who finds it equally reliable and comfortable.



Of course, since it has been used, there are scrapes consistent with regular play, but nothing that affects the way the racket plays.  Please see images and ask any questions you like.  This one, has more frayed strings and could do with a re-string at some point.



Professional description:


The Dunlop Aerogel 5Hundred 500 is made of a truly space age material. Aerogel is the world’s lightest solid and has a strength of up to four thousand times its own weight. The three-dimensional nanometer molecular network delivers unmatched strength to weight ratios for superior stiffness and augmented power. The combination of Aerogel for increased stiffness and M-Fil across the hitting zone to ‘soften’ ball impact means that Aerogel frames deliver the perfect balance between power and control.

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